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WA Confirms: China Relay Women's Team is Short-Listed in Tokyo

The WA technical leader sent a letter to the Chinese Athletics Association: Based on the below information provided at the time of the technical meeting in Doha, we can confirm that the Chinese Women's 4×100m relay team is qualified for Tokyo 2020.

At the World Championships in Doha, which ended at the beginning of this month, the Chinese Women's 4×100-meter relay team ran a good score of 42.36 seconds in the preliminaries and get in to the final. In the finals, the girls made fouls in the handover and because of the mistakes they did not have score.

According to the rules previously established by the WA, the top eight of the Doha World Championships will be directly connected to the Tokyo Olympics. (But this rule does not say: What to do if there is a foul.) After asking and waiting, the WA finally came to the exact result today - the Chinese relay women's team was short-listed in Tokyo!

Men’s 100 Meters:

Su Bintian Xie Zhenye

Men's 200 Meters:

Xie Zhenye

Men's 110 Meter Hurdle:

Xie Wenjun

Men's Marathon:

Dong Guojian, Dobjer

Men's Long Jump:

Gao Xinglong, Huang Changzhou, Zhang Yaoguang

Men's Triple jump:

Wu Ruiting, Zhu Yaming, Fang Yaoqing

Women's 100 meters:

Ge Manqi, Wei Yongli, Liang Xiaojing

Women's Marathon:

Li Wei, He Yinli

Women's pole vault:

Li Ling, Xu Huiqin

Women's Shot:

Gong Lijun

Women's Discus:

Chen Yang, Feng Bin, Su Xinyue

Women's Hammer:

Wang Hao, Luo Na

Women's Javelin:

Liu Shiying, Lyu Huihui

Men’s 20km/50km Walking and Women’s 20km Walking:

Many of the three projects in China have reached the target.

Come on! Chinese track and field team!


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