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World Athletics Delegation Visits Nanjing to Prepare for Indoor Track and Field Championships

On January 8th, 2020, representatives from functions related to TV signal production, sports display and market development of the WA came to Nanjing to conduct a technical inspection on the preparation of the 2020 Nanjing World Athletics Indoor Championships.

On the morning of the 8th, the delegation visited the Nanjing Indoor Athletics Stadium, the venue of 2020 Nanjing World Athletics Indoor Championships, and did a field reconnaissance. According to the report, Nanjing Indoor Track and Field Stadium is currently the largest indoor track and field stadium in China, including six 200-meter long elliptical runways, eight 60-meter straight and fields of high jumps, pole vaults, long jumps, triple jumps, and shot put.

Aiming at the problems of camera location, sports display, media work area, catering service and other issues, the delegation proposed suggestions after field research and conducted work exchanges with various departments of the event, and discussed and answered the problems encountered in the process of organizing the event.

In addition, the two parties also conducted in-depth discussions on the lighting details of the venues, warm-up areas, running areas, and athletes' recording areas, and put forward suggestions and requirements for supporting settings and infrastructure such as athletes ’streamlines and radio frequency coverage areas.

After the on-site inspection on the 8th, at the morning of the 9th, at a technical meeting, the two parties conducted in-depth research on issues related to the on-site inspection, such as sports display, TV broadcasting and market opening. Exchanges and jointly promote the successful running of the 2020 Nanjing World Athletics Indoor Championships.

With less than three months left, the 2020 Nanjing World Athletics Indoor Championships will be held in Nanjing. This event is China first World Indoor Athletics Championships. It is another top-level track and field event in China after the 2015 Beijing World Athletics Championships. It is also an important event for WA before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.


World Athletics Indoor Championships Nanjing 2020 Organising Committee