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Come and Participate in "Nanjing Intangible Cultural Heritage Track and Field" Activity

In view of the impact of the Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the World Athletics Indoor Championships NANJING 2020 would be postponed from 13-15 March 2020 to March 2021 with Nanjing remaining as the host city. As an ancient city with abundant history and culture, Nanjing has more than 100 intangible cultural heritage. When the intangible cultural heritage meets the World Indoor Track and Field Championships, what kind of sparks will it collide with?

In order to provide work reference for the children at home, the Organizing Committee of the World Athletics Indoor Championships NANJING 2020 invited three intangible cultural heritage teachers to conduct online teaching of paper-cutting and cloth stickers in the form of recorded videos. The online class of cloth stickers attack many cloth sticker Lovers' attention. The organizing committee received a total of 118 works during the two weeks online class, including 88 paper-cut works and 30 cloth stickers. Children can identify the QR code below to fill in relevant information before March 1, and upload their works to enter the competition. Experience the vitality of "movement" in "quietness" and feel the charm of "quietness" in "movement".

(Scan the QR code to enter)

Lily from Nanjing Foreign Language School Xianlin Campus was one of the first contestants to respond to the competition. As a young paper-cutting expert, she carefully cut out exquisite windowpanes according to the method of Mr. Zhang, the fifth-generation successor of the intangible cultural heritage "Nanjing Paper Cutting Master Zhang" in the teaching video. The vivid and realistic paper cutting of the hurdles match well with the window coverings, and they fit the theme of the "intangible cultural heritage track and field”activity.

Guo Jiayi, a junior kid from Hangzhou, cut out the supporting hotel "Boat of the Yangtze River" and used the hollowing out techniques taught by intangible cultural heritage master in the video. Guo Jiayi said: "I will watch the match next year when the World Athletics Indoor Championships NANJING 2020 opens."

Seeing these children participating, do you want to join in? The theme of this entry is the World Athletics Indoor Championships NANJING 2020 venue "Nanjing’s Cube", the supporting hotel "Yangtze River Boat", the mascot Xuesong, track and field events, star athletes, etc. as the element image, cut out their minds the indoor track and field world championships include all you need.

It should be noted that the competition will be selected through a combination of online voting and expert review. In addition, all individuals who submit works can get an event commemorative certificate issued by the Media Promotion Department of the the World Athletics Indoor Championships NANJING 2020 Organizing Committee. Particularly outstanding works or individuals will be invited to participate in offline teaching and concentrated creation. what are you waiting for? Sign up now!


World Athletics Indoor Championships Nanjing 2020 Organising Committee