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World Athletics Indoor Championships Nanjing 2020 Organising Committee

On November 26th, 2017, the WA announced the award of the 2020 IAAF 18th World Indoor Championships to Nanjing. This is the first time that China holds the World Indoor Athletics Championships. The event will be held from March 12th to 15th, 2020. Since the WA hosted the event, every World Indoor Athletics Championship has become an annual event. The successful bid for the World Indoor Athletics Championships has filled the gap that China has never held this event. It will further promote the popularization of athletics in China, increase the citizens’ enthusiasm for participating in athletics, and will also provide strong support for continuous improvement of Nanjing urban influence.

In this competition, in accordance with the standards of the World Indoor Athletics Championships, a athletics gymnasium to indoor track and field training and competition will be built in the Youth Olympic Sports Park, which has hosted the second Youth Olympic Games. The athletics gymnasium was started construction in September 2017. The completed venue will become a new sports landmark in Nanjing along with the adjacent Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park. In addition, after the event, the athletics gymnasium will be used as China national indoor track and field training, competition and promotion base to continue its mission.

The track and field stadium and swimming pool are located in Block A of Youth Olympic Games Sports Park. The east side is the Yangtze River Boat Project. The“Yangtze River”complex project integrates comprehensive functions such as hotels and catering, and will provide security work to the 2020 World Indoor Athletics Championships. The “Yangtze River” complex project has a total construction area of 130,000 square meters. It is surrounded by nearly 500,000 square meters of cultural and sports resources, and combines functions such as sports fitness, entertainment, commercial catering, hotel catering and business clubs. The complete sports and leisure industry chain in Jiangbei New Area will become an urban complex for the citizens to enjoy leisure and fitness.


World Athletics Indoor Championships Nanjing 2020 Organising Committee